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July 24 - August 18th

Monday -Friday

9am - 3pm



A week-long intensive camp where campers create amazing projects and life-long friendships!!

Campers will write, act, direct, film, and edit their project. Every day campers will learn new techniques in a fun and engaging way!

Located at Allen-Stevenson School on 78th and Lex, our campers have access to the heart of the city and Central Park. 

A Week at a glance

Day 1: Introductions

Get acquainted with the class, the equipment, story idea. 

Day 2: Production

Students begin shooting their final project.


Day 3: Production

Students continue shooting their final project. 


Day 4 : Post-Production

Students will learn editing techniques on Adobe Premiere.


Day 5: Credit Shots/Premiere Party!!!

Last minute and specialized touches to edit. Premiere Party!!!!



Week 1: July. 24th - 28th 

Week 2: July. 31th -Aug. 4th 

Week 3: Aug. 7th - 11th

Week 4: Aug. 14th-  18th


Discounts do not compile if eligible for more than one.

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